Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong dive site

Description: A small rock pinnacle that rises from deep waters, Batu Bolong is famous for its dramatic drop-offs and vibrant coral gardens.
Marine Life: Schools of colorful reef fish, Napoleon wrasse, giant trevally, and occasional sightings of pelagic species like sharks and manta rays.
Highlights: The site offers strong currents that bring nutrient-rich waters, supporting a thriving ecosystem.

Batu Bolong is an approximately 80-meter rocky outcrop located between Komodo and Tatawa Islands. The top of the rock is visible from the surface, and depending on the angle, you can observe holes in the rock formations. Divers typically descend from the opposite side of the reef where the current flows and zigzag along both sides of the current, but when the current is weak, it’s also possible to circumnavigate the reef. The density of marine life here is unparalleled among Komodo’s dive sites, giving divers a feeling akin to being in an aquarium. You can observe fish of various sizes, and occasionally spot dolphins.

Batu Bolong one Batu Bolong two Batu Bolong three

Publish on 2024-04-18,Update on 2024-06-01