Manta Point

Manta Point or Makassar Reef dive site

Description: A long, shallow drift dive site known for frequent manta ray sightings.
Marine Life: Manta rays are the main attraction, often seen feeding or being cleaned at the cleaning stations. Other sightings include eagle rays, turtles, and various reef fish.
Highlights: The opportunity to observe manta rays up close in their natural habitat.

Located east of Komodo Island, this site features scattered manta cleaning stations on the reef. If you’re lucky, you can spot mantas from the boat or while snorkeling. When the currents are strong, you can use a current hook around the cleaning stations to leisurely enjoy watching the mantas. Sometimes, you can witness scenes where more than 10 mantas are queuing up. Additionally, sightings of black mantas, whitetip reef sharks, trevallies, green sea turtles, eagle rays, and schools of unicornfish are also possible.

Publish on 2024-04-16,Update on 2024-06-01